Finding Your Mojo

What’s that you say? As an entrepreneur, you will feel like quitting sometimes. Especially in these uncertain times of COVID it may seem overwhelming! Others are giving up all around you, so why not you? Being an entrepreneur is hard and if you don’t know why you are doing it you need to read the chapter in my book Letters to my Daughters, on knowing your ‘Why’. Is it to create more freedom for your family, more free time for yourself, your partner? Remind yourself of your ‘Why’ to help you reconnect with your passion, enthusiasm and determination.

Do you think successful people have it easy? Is the constant reel of beautiful and successful friends on Instagram getting you down? Rachel Hollis reminds us that we should never compare ourselves in our beginnings to others’ middle or ends. Go ahead and take a look at someone’s feed that you admire, but look way back to the beginning. They didn’t have professional photos or good video or even interesting posts. They had to start somewhere! What about Oprah Winfrey? She was born into poverty and was raised by a teenage single mom. She was abused and became pregnant at 14. Look at her now! Do you think she didn’t work her butt off to get to where she is? Do you think she got discouraged? Do you think it was always easy for her?

What ever you do, don’t make any rash decisions when you are in the thick of a problem that seems unsolvable and you feel like giving up. Give it some time to pass. It is important to reacquaint yourself with you ‘Why” by going for a walk, turning off your phone, praying, meditating or practicing yoga. Call a supportive friend, your biggest cheerleader, or your Mom. You may want to read that inspirational book your friend gave you or listen to a motivational podcast, there are some great ones! Make sure to get some rest, as an entrepreneur burn out is one of the key factors to losing your Mojo.

Remember, it may feel like quitting is the easiest way to stop feeling the way you’re feeling, but it means going back to the beginning and giving up everything you’ve achieved to get as far as you have. It has been my experience that people often quit just before their breakthrough. Determine your ‘Why’ and focus on your goal, and you will make it!

I have created a worksheet that you can keep close by in case you feel like giving up. It is called “Finding Your Mojo, when you feel like giving up” It is based on a chapter in my book and can be downloaded for free from my website