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AS AN AMBITIOUS YOUNG MOM, Linda Hollyer came back from a bout of extreme burnout to lead a number of highly effective sales teams working and travelling to over 42 countries. Before starting her own business, she served as a vice president of marketing for two decades. Along the way, she faced the many challenges that entrepreneurs must overcome in order to achieve their maximum potential, especially if they also happen to be women. Moving toward her dream of spending more time with her family, she went on to start and build a renowned business in an industry where accomplished women were rare.

Starting with some of the guidance she has given her three now-adult daughters, all successful entrepreneurs in their own right, she has translated a lifetime’s achievement into a pocket-sized guide to business success and personal growth. You won’t find jargon here — just proven advice and warm encouragement from someone who has been where you are and mastered the path to success, step by step. The accessible, entertaining tips and personal stories in this small volume, with 20-minute action steps at the end of each chapter, will become your secret weapons in business and life.

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“This book is super easy to read. It’s broken down so that each chapter is its own topic. Each chapter starts with a common concern or problem faced in business, followed by a relevant personal anecdote, some advice, and finally actionable items. I love that I can pick up this book any day, and flip to a relevant chapter and jump in to learn something new or reinforce and remind myself of what I’ve learned. It makes it easy to pick up, and go back to again and again.”

“I found this book relevant 10+ years into my career, but I wish I could have read it much earlier!”

“I absolutely loved this book! As a creative entrepreneur I found the straight forward and thoughtful advice to be invaluable. Its easy to follow format and encouraging tenor will inspire anyone on the entrepreneurial track to confidently get down to work!”

Linda Hollyer – The Author

Linda Hollyer

Born in Quebec, Canada at a time when being English speaking women was the kiss of death in the business world, Linda has spent the last 40 years rising to the top of a Male dominated industry. Coming from two entrepreneurial parents business was born into her. One need she saw everyday with young entrepreneurial women was the need to have cheerleaders. It can be a lonely place where all you sometimes need is encouragement and the tools to rise above and take the place which belongs to you in the business world. The need to give back and share her journey is what has fueled this book. Her entrepreneurial daughters and the community her daughter Danielle Weibe has created in Business Babes Collective ignited a need to share.


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